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Toy Hauler (Sport Utility Trailer)

The Sport Utility Trailer, or Toy Hauler as it is more commonly known, is the newest RV on the block. With space for your motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercraft and the like, it offers the convenience and luxury of at-home living with the ability to haul your "toys", all in one unit.

Sport Utility Trailer at a Glance

Length: Normal Range: 21' to 35'
Average Length: 26' to 30'
Width: Standard: 96"
Wide-Bodies: to 100"
Sleeps: Two to eight people, depending on floorplan
Price: Range: $12,000 to $25,000

It was only a matter of time. Manufacturers have finally designed and built an RV that allows campers to bring along their toys! These units are innovative in their design, combining the comfort and features of a travel trailer with space to bring along your motorcycles, ATVs or other small vehicles. And they even feature a built-in ramp for loading and unloading.

The cargo, or utility, space is certainly not limited to toys. It can be utilized by handymen to carry their tools, people who supplement their income by selling wares can bring them along without the need for an extra trailer, and probably thousands of different uses. Just let your imagination run wild.

Because of the cargo space in the rear, the living area is not as spacious as in other types of RVs. But they do offer the same features and amenities as in travel trailers, including cooking, dining, sleeping and bath/toilet facilities. And most units have pull-down bunks in the cargo area for additional sleeping facilities while at camp.

For those with the need to bring along cargo to the camping destination, the Sport Utility Trailer is probably for you. Just keep in mind, those "toys" are heavy. Make sure you have the correct tow vehicle for the weight you will be pulling.

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