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Buying locally does have its advantages.

When considering purchasing your RV outside your local RV network, please consider these factors.

In today’s hectic scheduling, is the discounted price worth the time it takes for you to travel to get exactly the same RV that you can get locally from these deep discounters?  One must put that into consideration, what is your time worth to travel typically 3 hours each direction?

Also with the soaring price of fuel, what saving are you getting once you factor in the cost of the fuel for that round trip?

Purchasing your RV is the easiest part of an RV Purchase, but what really makes you appreciate buying locally is the speed in which your RV is serviced.   Do you want to have to travel back to the dealership you purchased it from to acquire service?  Typically an RV repair is not a quick fix it is a sophisticated machine with specialized parts.  Most dealership can get the parts in as few as a couple of days or as long as a few weeks. What price can one put on the comforts of dropping your RV off to your local dealer and the ability to get on with the rest of your day’s activities? 

Yes, these dealerships say that they have nationwide service available, but one would venture to say, that is not as easy as they say. Just ask any of the dealerships in your area if they would service this deep discount RV Dealerships product? Their answer will most likely be a consistent ‘WHEN WE CAN GET TO IT’ attitude.  They most likely would not have a problem working on other local dealership product as a courtesy. 

We also have the ability to take in your trade.  We will give you what your trade is worth so that you do not have to take the time to market your old RV, having strange people coming to your home, calling you all through the day, negotiating the price, and then if something is wrong with your old RV, you will have to fix it.  

Is it really worth buying your RV from these deep Discounter’s,  Locally owned RV dealerships, employ local workers and support the local community.   Price is a major factor in your decision the purchase an RV but do these other factors help you at consider purchasing your next RV locally?

Is it too much to ask ? that you allow us the opportunity to at least compete with these deep discounters and give you our best attempt to keep your business here locally. Allow us to service  you RV needs, our neighbor, and allow our community to prosper? Our workers come from within our community, they spend their wages in local businesses, and their children attend our schools and churches.  

Even our Manufacturers see the importance of buying locally, that they put on the back of their brochures plead to do just that.

Here is what is printed on all Forest River Product brochures.

Palomino RV Encourages You to Buy Locally

Palomino RV strongly encourages our retail customers to purchase from their

local dealership whenever possible due to the following factors:

• Our Dealers are, as a rule, independently owned and operated businesses. Outside of those customers they personally sold products to, they are not contractually obligated to perform warranty service on Palomino products that were purchased elsewhere. There may be an occasion that you would be required to return to the point of purchase to satisfy warranty requirements.

• Although many dealerships will eventually service products not purchased at their place of business, they will usually take care of their customers and other Palomino customers who are traveling away from their local dealer as they would their own.

• Local purchases allow a customer to establish a relationship with a dealer close to home. This relationship provides the customer with a convenient location for service and support from a “home town” professional.

• The opportunity for a thorough PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) and product orientation is an additional benefit of buying from your local dealer, further providing the opportunity for refresher courses or the ability to get questions answered much more conveniently.

• For our Canadian customers, there are also requirements which must be met to bring an RV purchased out of the country to their home. Although not insurmountable, these requirements may involve such things as additional inspections and certifications, taxes and fees. Your local Canadian Dealer is a professional at meeting these requirements.

Palomino RV’s goal is for all RV Owners to fully enjoy their RV experience. In light of this goal, and considering the advantages of buying local, we encourage you to be thorough when determining what product to purchase and which dealer to purchase it from as both are key to your ultimate satisfaction and the realization of your dreams.

 So when you buy from mom and pop business, you are not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home.

You are helping a little girl get dance lessons. A little boy gets his team jersey, A mom or dad puts foodon the table, a family paya mortgage, or a student pay for college.

Our customers are our shareholder and they are the ones we strive to make happy.

Thank you for supporting small businesses!



Michael Duluc
President Kamper City

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