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Boy Scouts of America Why Scouting Cub Scouts Boy Scouts




Boy Scouts


Boys may join Boy Scouts of America as a continuation of their boy scout trail from cub scouts - this is where the majority of boy scouts come from. But, the age of 11 is a great time for a new boy to begin scouting! The Boy Scout program is a big change from cub scouting, the biggest change being that it is scout-led instead of adult led. If you have boys crossing over from Webelos and joining a boy scout troop, challenge them to invite at least one non-scouting friend to join them. Since 3/4 of Scouting is 'outing', boys that didn't care for the crafts and projects of cub scouts may be interested in camping, hiking, and the outdoors that Boy Scouts offers.

Boy Scouts is for boys aged 11 through 17. When the 18th birthday is reached, he can no longer be a boy scout, but he can continue to support a troop in an adult leader role, or continue in a Venture Crew. As a scout grows in skill, he takes on responsibility and moves from being a learner to being a leader.

The Boy Scout program has a Boy Scouts of America Organizational Structure that puts scouts into groups called Patrols with recommended size of from 6 to 8 scouts. Patrols of scouts in a community form a Troop which is part of a District. Districts combine to make a Council.

A new boy first earns the Scout badge showing that he has joined and is participating in the program. As he enjoys outings with his patrol and demonstrates his expanding skill base, he naturally gains the Tenderfoot rank, followed by Second Class and First Class ranks. At this point, a scout has learned skills enough to handle himself in the outdoors and begin teaching new scouts. Once a First Class rank is reached, the scout continues his trail by performing service deeds and earning merit badges in topics that interest him or that he has decided to explore to reach a higher rank.

Summer Camp is the highlight of the year for many scouts. Our troop has attended Many Point Scout Camp every year since the troop was formed. Each year, scouts receive a camp patch and you can see them on my Many Point Scout Camp page.

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