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Pop Up Trailer (Folding Camper)

The Pop-Up trailer, also known as a Tent or Folding Camping trailer, is a great lightweight unit offering the experiences of tent camping with some at-home comforts. These units are smaller and less expensive than travel trailers while offering many of the same conveniences.

Pop-Up Trailer at a Glance

Length: Closed (box): 8' to 12'
Opened: 15' to 26'

Width: Normal Range: 72" to 96"
Width does not include a slide-out

Sleeps: Four to ten people, depending on model and floorplan

Price: Range: $3,000 to $15,000
Average price range: $5,000 to $8,000

Pop-Up Campers are virtually tents on wheels, with collapsible sidewalls made of canvas or, in some cases, fiberglass. These units normally do not offer the range of conveniences found in other types of RVs. They generally have a 2 or 3 burner stove, sink with cold water only and an ice box. Storage space is also at a premium. However, some higher-end models now offer more at-home conveniences, such as a refrigerator, heat and air conditioning, hot water, holding tanks (although smaller) and even shower/toilet facilities. Many units also offer a slide-out for the dinette, increasing the already spacious living area.

Despite the lack of some features, Pop-Up Campers have many benefits. They are usually inexpensive, for those on tighter budgets. Many units can be towed with a passenger car, eliminating the need for a truck or SUV. The low profile and lighter weight also saves on gas when towing. Their size makes storing the units easy when not in use. And these units can easily sleep up to ten people.

For many, Pop-Up Campers are the ultimate in a camping adventure. You can experience the great outdoors, hear the wind blowing and the birds singing, while still being protected from the elements. Pop-Ups offer a lot of value for newbies as well as seasoned campers of all ages.

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